Activities and Roles Document Processing Import (Part I)

Group 6

D3 GH 2011

Ketua     :     Yurike Nalurita         (243111024)

Anggota  :     Briyan Albar            (243111008)

Chika Adyanti          (243111017)

Nurhammah            (243111029)




In a study of basic cargo, we are assigned to do field study. We choose to be placed in document processing import. And on this report, we are going to discuss about the document processing import we are interested to analize the problem which might be founded on the document processing import.

choose the document processing import because we would like to know how is the work of the part of the document processing import beside of that, we would like to know how is that work of the process of making dates and what are the document wich needed on put in the cargo in to the import storage.

commonly, the document processing import is a part from an activity which on the import storage that works for setting and creating document such as manifest the document processing import has got an import role in setting and creating some cargo documents, because it is really affected in delay, even affect aircraft accidents.

Creating the manifest could be done by using a system or manually and faster beside using the manual one which needed more times that could cause the delay. creating document document processing import must get the document from the acceptance and build up.


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