Activity in Document Processing Export ( Part 1 )

Kelompok 7

Ketua               : Reyfilda Welman (2431.11.005)
Anggota           : Bayu Wahyudin (2431.11.009)
Hanna Oktaviani (2431.11.010)
Irmalia Fitriani (2431.11.018)
In the third semester, we get the assignment document processing for basic courses cargo. After the four of us did last week field study we get some material for our writing. Many documents which we have seen and learned in our warehouse export document processing section.

Document processing export is the way to process export documents, initially sent by the shipper of goods entered into a warehouse, and then the goods are governed by the checker to be given to document processing, document processing in export before the goods up to the aircraft, we must make manifest. After the process of making manifest, load master will make a useful load control for positioning of the plane, after it has completed its part of the document processing export and load master will rise to the aircraft ramp checklist to make a report.

The research we have done through field study is intended that we not only understand the theory but also the practical understanding, knowing the situation and condition of the cargo, as well as obtain information on how the process of document processing from start to finish. The benefits of this field study so that we are prepared if one day working at the gate especially in export processing document section.

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