Activity in Document Processing Export ( Part 2 )

Ketua               : Reyfilda Welman (2431.11.005)
Anggota           : Bayu Wahyudin (2431.11.009)
Hanna Oktaviani (2431.11.010)
Irmalia Fitriani (2431.11.018)

Kelas                : Ground Handling 2011

Document is valuable mail to comply a requirement in international trade transaction which included in the Letter of Credit. And the Letter of Credit is a continuation of the trade publication written agreement contract (sales contract), which has been agreed by both parties (Exporter and Importer). To send the goods initially prepare the goods ready for export, books or book a room at the company flight, then take care of exporter export formalities like filling in the export of goods, pay export tax (PE) and additional export taxes, take care of the work load permits customs inspection then exporter submit goods to the shipping company to be loaded at an agreed time.
(Transactions Handbook Export & Import by H.Djauhari Ahsjar, SH., S.Sos., M.Si)


Documentation process is a process how to make the document by airlines side or Ground Handling for cargo delivery process especially export cargo. Documentation process which handled such as SMU/AWB, Packing List, PEB, Manifest, and NOTOC, which involves a series of Commercial Invoice, Shipping List / Packing List, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, Export Declaration (PEB) and Contract Sales .
And the reason why our group took the documentation process as the theoretical basis because, we want to know how the system or how the making of the agreement which will be a document in Export trade.



The reason from our group used ISO 9001:2000 because ISO 9001:2000 is international standard for management and organization control in the customary which called SMM. Top of Form

A quality management system is a set of documented procedures and standard practices for the management system to ensure the suitability of a process and a product (goods / or services) to a particular need, which is determined by the customer and the organization.
And behind it all ISO 9001:2000 standard has provided benefits to the company – enterprise IT such as improve customer confidence and satisfaction through quality assurance organized and systematic, improve quality and productivity of the management, the company is listed on the Certification Body, periodically audited and much more . And most importantly ISO has been adopted by over 150 countries around the world and more than 200,000 public and private organizations around the world have obtained ISO9001:2000.

When the airlines using automatic system to issue the Air Waybill , they must pull it out in a set of nine parts and color . Why must be explained in the theoretical basis? Because to know the kind of document which needed in export process, and to prohibit come to pass mistake in there.

This is the parts and colors :

  1. Original 3 (for shipper) – blue
  2. Copy 9 (for agent) – white
  3. Original 1 (for issuing carrier) – green
  4. Original 2 (for consignee) – pink
  5. Copy 4 (delivery receipt) – yellow
  6. Copy 5 (bandara tujuan) – white
  7. Copy 6 (for third carrier) – white
  8. Copy 7 (for second carrier) – white
  9. Copy 8 (for first carrier) – white



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