Activity in Document Processing Export ( Part 3 )

Ketua               : Reyfilda Welman (2431.11.005)
Anggota           : Bayu Wahyudin (2431.11.009)
Hanna Oktaviani (2431.11.010)
Irmalia Fitriani (2431.11.018)

Kelas                : Ground Handling 2011

In the third task, we will explain about Human Resources which there in Gapura Angkasa Company. From the information we get from one of the employees, generally the employee Gapura Company never do demos, although since 2000 the company introduced a system of outsourcing and hiring companies through a foundation.

The average graduate recruited employees are not in accordance with the line of work they are currently running, but even with such a situation they feel a comfort, because we believe in the work that a virtue is comfort than salary. They prefer to remain in the company without having to move another company still uncertain.

Regarding employee discipline, their work in accordance with the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is 3S +1 C (Safety, Security, Compliance Service +), the level of discipline and cooperation increasingly preferred, because ofthe demands of work that the company is able to compete with other companies.

In the room there are 4 Export Document Processing employees who each have different tasks. No one in charge of the PEB (Export Declaration), made ​​Manifest, emailing Loud Sheet reports, making ULD (Unit Load Device) Report.


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