Activity in Document Processing Export ( Part 4 )

Ketua               : Reyfilda Welman (2431.11.005)
Anggota           : Bayu Wahyudin (2431.11.009)
Hanna Oktaviani (2431.11.010)
Irmalia Fitriani (2431.11.018)

Kelas                : Ground Handling 2011

The Problems

In the fourth section, we will explain about The Problems which there in Cargo part Document Processing Export.

  1. In Cargo was happened power outage until the system become also turned off . But, before the electricity turned off, worker had been informed that they doing manual chores first.
  2. In Cargo also was happened the system down through where the system for data processing has interruption so that the connection be slowly and make employers activity be obscure.
  3. Lack of facilities necessary operational car to retrieving and delivering the documents to the aircraft manifest, making the activities of its obstructed labor when the car was being used by the operation of the Section Import Export wait and vice versa.
  4. The problems in cargo such as damaged cargo, which consequence there is a complain from shipper or cargo owner.

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