Activity in Document Processing Export ( Part 5 )

Kelompok 7

Ketua             : Reyfilda Welman (2431.11.005)
Anggota         : Bayu Wahyudin (2431.11.009)
Hanna Oktaviani (2431.11.010)
Irmalia Fitriani (2431.11.018)

Kelas              : Ground Handling 2011


In the last section, we will make a conclusion from report the result of the ground study. According to our employees performance in the Gapura Angkasa Company section Processing Export Document has been done according to the quality that has been set by ISO 9001:2000 due to the way employees manage their task have met the quality management to ensure the suitability of standardization, as well as documents that are used in document processing meets IATA standards. Moto in Gapura Company is 3S + 1C (Safety, Security, Service, and Compliance), has been implemented by the employees well.


When the employee is always referring to the 3S +1C 9Safety, Security, service, and Compliance) will not be a damaged error in the world of aviation. For problems with the power outage should have been prepared Genset that employees work undisturbed. Because it can leads to delay on a flight that had been scheduled, as well as the network further strengthened so as not to interfere with activities also in the document processing export.

Regarding the existing facilities in the warehouse we flavor the facility has met the standard, because what s needed in the process export already in the barn, so it should be more employees to increase awareness of existing facilities.


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