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LEADER        :           Erick Firdianto Soekarli (2431.11.013)

Member          :           Aditya Marga Setiawan (2431.11.012)

Erna Setiawati (2431.11.022)

Novia Nur Fitriani (2431.11.011)

Class              :           D3 GH 2011

Lecturer         :           Eko Probo D.Warpani


Chapter IV

The Problems and the Explanations

This week we would like to explain about the problems in the acceptance import section which we had mentioned in our 1st chapter few weeks ago, such as when it is about to accept broken goods, the lost goods, the uncompleted documents, the sudden error of Warehouse Management System, and the consignee which is late to take the goods.

The first problem we would like to explain is about when the acceptance import section discovers handicap during receiving the goods, things to do are to take the picture of that goods as evidence that the fault is not on company’s handling, but it is on importer party, probably due to an inappropriate packaging, a carriage which is not appropriate to the rules in the sender ground handling, and then to fill the CIR (Cargo Irregularity Report) contained the information about where do the goods come from and its destination, ULD number, flight number, information about packaging, type of damaged to packaging, damaged discovered and etc.

Losing goods due to the misplacement and an error order, particularly happen in the acceptance import section and to avoid them, people has to correctly fill the information in the document according to the forthcoming cargo data information.

AWB is important because if there was no AWB, so there was no shipment from the different taxed area through airway, correcting the AWB data to the related cargo is also an important thing to do.

If the sudden error of Warehouse Management System happened, some activities will temporarily be stopped and this problem is quite important and people hasn’t found yet for the solution. The only thing can do is it has to work manually, but in acceptance import section, there is an EDI, if WMS is suddenly down, EDI would also can’t work because it can’t work manually.

The consignee which is late to take the goods (unclaimed cargo) usually will be handled by the warehouse operator by making a report to the custom officer and will be saved in overflow storage, if within more than 30 days, the cargo remains unclaimed, so it will be claimed by the country and may to be auctioned by the customs party.

The process for the consignee to receive the goods, they have to possess the letter of attorney, to make DO and to be followed by processing the PPJK, the PIB, to pay the tax, to go to the respond analysis document and to pay the rent for building.


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