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LEADER        :           Erick Firdianto Soekarli (2431.11.013)

Member          :           Aditya Marga Setiawan (2431.11.012)

Erna Setiawati (2431.11.022)

Novia Nur Fitriani (2431.11.011)

Class              :           D3 GH 2011

Lecturer         :           Eko Probo D.Warpani


Chapter V

The Conclusion

According to the previous explanation, in our final chapter, we would like to conclude that the cargo import handling of PT. Gapura Angkasa in the acceptance section is done by each staff; either the permanent staff or the outsourcing ones have fulfilled the standard which has been set in the IATA and is basically built by the constitution.

Before the goods come and in to the import storage, those weight, volume and the type of the goods should have been checked by the acceptance party and should have been corrected to the original document which has been sent through the telex or EDI and afterward the goods’ condition will be seen by the checker and if there was a damaged goods, uncompleted document and lost goods, so the further act is to fill CIR (Cargo Irregularity Report).

The Comments

After doing the outdoor course in import storage of PT. Gapura Angkasa, the cargo handling by the acceptance party is quite good if it is seen from the officer’s works in doing documents and handling those goods, and also the cooperation and the togetherness in each line. However, this has to be increased in order to be a well-built group and to be a good model for another part of a group or company.

In the point of view of cargo handling business, they have a good point because the cargo import storage of PT. Gapura Angkasa has been renewed for its facility and is broaden for its storage area, so our further comment is to the officers who really need to be careful in input wms, in counting the amount of goods whether it is exact to the data in the document or not, the checking and the order process.



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