LEADER        :  Erick Firdianto Soekarli (2431.11.013)

Member        :  Aditya Marga Setiawan (2431.11.012)

Erna Setiawati (2431.11.022)

Novia Nur Fitriani (2431.11.011)

Class              : D3 GH 2011

Lecturer           : Eko Probo D.Warpani


Chapter 1




We, from group 5, choose theme about any activity, role, and problem in acceptance import, because acceptance import is one of essential things for importing cargoes activity. We are doing this research base from our field lecture experience held in PT Gapura Angkasa.

Acceptance import is cargoes receiving service from overseas which develops any kind of documents, unloading to warehouse, warehouse movement, break down (mould of cargoes manifestation), damage examination before a cargo is taken by an agent or a consignee who is in Indonesia. The documents are like MAWB, HAWB, cargoes manifestation, irregularity report cargo, and etc.


Acceptance import unit is extremely needed in transaction of import cargoes, yet there are some problems found like receiving damaged goods, lost goods because of unproper arranging, incomplete documents, sudden setback of Warehouse Management System, or late claiming goods. Then which policy should be commited? That is what we are about to discuss, namely any role, activity, and problem.


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