Process and Problems of Domestic Cargo Acceptance


Background Theory
By reference that we got from “S.O.P GAPURA ANGKASA” at Acceptance domestic unit in gapura angkasa’s warehouse,
there was some basic manuals about acceptance rules:

QPWI (Quality Plan Work Instruction)
S.O.P (Standart Operation Procedure) which have been revisioned into GOM (General Operation Manual) and completed with flow chart
TACT (The Air Cargo Tariff)

QPWI        : Explain about work instruction in acceptance unit.
SOP        : Explain about acceptance operation standart procedure.
Flow Chart    : Picture of system in acceptance.
TACT        : Contains about all fares which settled by IATA

Definition of Acceptance cargo by SOP/GOM is The process of cargo and mail reception from shippers or agent representing, to be transported by aircraft.
Cargo procedure,contains:
General Rules,(must comply with the regulations of the government,IATA,Routing)
Packing and Marking
Weight and Dimention
Cargo contents
Documents (PTI,SMU,CN38,ACTM,Shipper Declaration for Dangerous Goods,Shipper Certification for Life Animals,Quarantine)
Documents Above,made comply with the regulation of Jendral Perhubungan NO: SKEP/47/IU/2010
References which contain cargo procedures are:
SO 9001 : 2008
S.O.P Airline or GOM airline
IATA with Regulation
IATA Life Animals Regulation
Airport Authority
Airport handling manual.(A.H.M)

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