Process and Problems of Domestic Cargo Acceptance


Human Resources

Human resource is the potential of human labor as prime movers companies  to together for two goals that want to achieve , that is: the purpose for the company and for the employees.

human resources is needed in order to support the operational activities of an activity in the work, as well as in domestic cargo acceptance unit. domestic cargo acceptance unit has a human resources recruitment criteria based on company standard
A unit of acceptance domestic cargo recruits human resources with the criteria which is required high school, graduated from high school a diploma as well as a capable of operationalize the computer.

organizational structure in the domestic acceptance headed by a manager, and below there are four supervisors and his group. Under supervisor there were officers acceptance divided into two parts, namely outgoing and incoming. Under the officers acceptance there were officers checker being divided into two parts namely outgoing who worked in the build-up and incoming who works in a breakdown. under the officer there checker foreman, foreman and under there is a porter. from each group consists of a number of different members accompanied by a different shift. from the experience of our time in Internship, we are positioned along with group 1. in group 1 consisting of several employees are as follows: 4 employees in place of outgoing, incoming employees in 2, 4 employees at checker, outgoing and incoming employees 1 checker .

Most of the employees status as outsourced employee with the income approximately immensity UMR above.


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