Process and Problems of Domestic Cargo Acceptance

After we did internship for a few times at Cargo Domestic Warehouse,we got a few conclusion of some problems that actually occured,
there are:
Technical Error, is the problems that caused by technical in Cargo Acceptance,such as:

  • Power Source Down

While in the Domestic Cargo Acceptance there was a power failure. but they had previously notified.

  • System Down

Probelms that occured when error connection network to server or malfunctions of the server.

Human Error, is the problems that caused by human in Cargo Acceptance, such as:

  • Less Knowledge of Computerize

Usually Occurs in employees who have not mastered the that their performances is bad.

  • slow at using manual system

Usually occurs while the system down. so the employees have to use the manual system. Because the employees is habitually using computerize system,so that they are slow in using manual system.

Problems Solving

After we know all of the problems,we made opinions to get the problems solved:
Technical Error: Officers have to report the problem to the technician.
Power Source Down    : there must be a genset or emergency power supply in the warehouse to support warehousing activity.
System Down        : Acceptance officers must restart the computer,or contact the server operator.
Human Error    : Acceptance officers must refresh the manual handling. so,if the system down,officers can do manual system better.

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