The Role of Domestic Incoming Presence in PT Gapura Angkasa


243111021 Riris Budi Asmiarti (leader)

243111004 Vega Welingutami

243111007 Rahmina Lestari

243111025 Hervika Okky Caroline

Kelas: DIII – Ground Handling 2011

II. Theoretical Basis

In the second week of assignment, we will discuss the theory of “The Role of Domestic Incoming Presence in PT Gapura Angkasa”. As for the theory that we can got from the references from different books, like:

  • Warehouse is a (noun) a building used to store merchandise. The use (verb) is to store the goods.

        (Warehouse Management, Jhon Warman)

  • Shipper is a freight forwarder in the origin country, can be individual, distributors, suppliers.
  • Warehouse operator (warehouse management) is the manager of the warehouse is usually doubled as cargo handling operator. Whose duties as a representative of airline operators.
  • Consignee (receiver) is the recipient of the goods at the destination, can be individual / individuals.

         (point b,c,d : Basic cargo (Guidebook IATA TACT Rules and Rates) page10-11)

  • Cargo shipment to intended station.

Cargo that received from the airport should be recorded in the Cargo Arriving Registry in the details that listed in the SMU and the cargo manifest. Flight number and arrival date must be entered into the airway bill. (Basic cargo (Guidebook IATA TACT Rules and Rates) page:122

  • Cargo shipment to intended station:

The procedure below should be considered if the cargo arrived at the station.

A. Examination of the information written on the goods according to SMU details are:

  1. Adress of sender / receiver
  2. Airport designated
  3. The number of pieces of goods / delivery, etc:

B. Check the weight of Delivery

C. Check the dimensions or volume

D. If the cargo received in damaged condition or the conditions have been opened, note the weight that listed on airway bill  and the actual weight received to the log book in at the warehouse. If there is a discrepancy should be reported to the station of origin or transit station or cargo area manager.

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