The Role of Domestic Incoming Presence in PT Gapura Angkasa


Riris Budi Asmiarti 243111021 (leader)

Vega Welingutami 243111004

Rahmina Lestari 243111007

Hervika Okky Caroline 243111025

Chapter III

Human Resources

In a company must have the human resources to carry out activities to achieve the goals of the organization. For that, it is need a structure of organization for facilitate the company in doing a job that matches with their job. As for the understanding of the structure of the organization is the arrangement of the compenents (units) whitin teh organization that shows the division of labor and shows how these functions or activities are different integrated (co-ordination).

In the PT Gapura Angkasa, domestic part, there are 2 groups,. Has 12 staff including a supervisor a leader in charge and other staff. In outgoing domestic acceptance consisting of 7 people, devided into 3 positions, there are cashier, acceptance, and build up. While in domestic incoming consists of 3 people, devided into 2 parts, that are the acceptance 1 person and checker 2 people.

The staff must work in accordance with work instruction that applicable. Acceptance section in the service of people who want to take the goods in the incoming warehouse and make accounting for entry goods in warehouse and manifest and the airway bill, so that people can find out wheter the goods are already in the warehouse or not. While, in the charge section should be checking the condition of goods and documents, and match the data items with manifest.

Average staff at  PT Gapura Angkasa, incoming domestic warehouse is a High School graduates or degree. Most of them worked, because it used to do it everyday. With the number of staff were a bit on domestic incoming, they can cooperate each other.


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