The Role of Domestic Incoming Presence in PT Gapura Angkasa


243111021 Riris Budi Asmiarti (leader)

243111004 Vega Welingutami

243111007 Rahmina Lestari

243111025 Hervika Okky Caroline

Class: DIII – Ground Handling 2011

Chapter 4. Problems

In the discussion for this week, we will discuss the existing problems in the incoming domestic warehouse. The problems that we discuss are problems or obtacles that we found when we were field college at Soekarno Hatta precisely at the domestic incoming cargo.

Problems or cinstraints among others such as computer network systems used by staff was crashed or down. This occured between 1 until 2 hours until the system can be used again. Sometimes, even one shift (8 hours) experienced that problem. This problem is certainly impeded the staff to work, consequently the staff should enter the data manually  that will require a longer time than input using the system.

We also found a problem like there is a damaged goods or that we received in the warehouse were wet because of water, the tag number which fade because of water, the wrong build up, so the stuff was messy in the compartment that resulted while unloading, goods to be damaged. If there is damage to the goods, the staff should make a report by filling CIR (Cargo Interrupt Report) and the a photo the damage parts.

In addition to the above issues, there are still some issues or problems that occur in the domestic incoming, like the number of goods that coming is not appropriate, there is no Air Cargo’s letter or Manifest, the items are often confused with another shipper, the SMU document does not manifest, SMU is not on board at in transit, the cargo label is not listed, and the label does not match with the SMU.

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