The Role of Domestic Incoming Presence in PT Gapura Angkasa

Riris Budi Asmiarti (2431 11 0)

Vega Welingutami (2431 11 004)

Rahmina Lestari (2431 11 007)

Hervika Okky Caroline (2431 11 025)

Chapter 5

Conclutions and Suggestions


Based on pre-existing discussion, we can conclude that domestic incoming warehouse PT Gapura Angkasa, there are a problems:

–       Lack of coordination between staff

–       The system is down, so reducing the performance of the staff

–       Lack of engagement with the standards or rules, whereby when there is damage or other events  of the cargo is not the use of CIR (not an absolute obligation).

Thus, there is still need for further improvement and enhancement, like human resources, the system that use to work, and the coordination between staff in their work, so that work can be run properly and in accordance with what is expected.


The suggestions that we can convey is that are human resources need to be given a training or job related courses regularly, to maximize the performance of its staff. For the systems that sipport the work, needs to be fixed by the parties that concerned and should be checked regularly for these systems to prevent down system that hinder the work of the employees. PT  Gapura Angkasa can doto cooperate with another airlines in handling the domestic incoming cargo. If many airlines are addressed, the staff will feel challenged to do the work. Not only that, the quality of the employees began to increase as used in dealing with things that can support the quality and quantity of services provided to the airline and cosignee or receiving cargo.


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