The Role of Domestic Incoming Presence in PT Gapura Angkasa


243111021 Riris Budi Asmiarti (leader)

243111004 Vega Welingutami

243111007 Rahmina Lestari

243111025 Hervika Okky Caroline

Class: DIII – Ground Handling 2011

I.              Introduction

 The Higher level of need of someone to do the shipping and receiving of goods from on place to another place now, it requires a unit that can handle that activities. One of the Ground Handling company in Indonesia, PT Gapura Angkasa, have 2 units of warehouse that handle the shipping to or from the country consisting of outgoing warehouse and incoming warehouse.

In this paper, we will discuss about the incoming domestic warehouse. Domestic Incoming Warehouse is a unit that handles the activities of receipt of goods from one place to another place in the same country, or that we call ‘domestic’.

Overall, the activities in the Domestic Incoming starting from checking goods that have been received by PT Gapura Angkasa, then the goods are stored in domestic inbound warehouse, then the receiving party take the item and make payment at the cashier.

Domestic Incoming is an important role in the activities of the domestic cargo shipments. Because, if there is no domestic incoming , the goods that have been shipped, can not get into the hands of recipient. Therefore, we chose to placed in storage at incoming domestic to be our field college, and raised the issue for this paper, so we can find out more activities on the domestic incoming and can understand how to handle the cargo that come into the hands of the recipient.


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