The Pioneer Airports as a Key of Regional Development



Leader              : Melinda Priskila                   ( 224110129)

Members         : Redita Andriyani                  (224110028)

                          Dyra Puspita                         (224110011)

                          Novembriani Irenita            ( 224110132)

 Class             : ZU 2010


The Pioneer Airports as a Key of Regional  Development


In the early days of aviation, the airport is just a grassy field that can accommodate aircraft from any direction depending on the wind direction. But the airport by UURI 1  2009 was on land area and or water with certain limits are used as a place of aircraft landing and / or taking off, up and / or down passengers, loading and / or unloading of goods and the displacement of intra-and inter-facility transport comes safety, aviation security and basic facilities and other facilities. While understanding the pioneering airport is an airport that serves routes to networks and connecting remote and disadvantaged areas or areas that are not served by other modes of transportation and are not commercially profitable.

Pioneering airport to build the economy, to stimulate growth and development of tourism in the area that is isolated. Pioneering airport was implemented to provide services to the public but have you ever wondered if the runway (runway) of pioneering airport passed by cattle, used to play football by area residents as a shortcut by local people as well as be a place for kids playing kites and this could interfere flight safety at the airport pioneer. Many people still assume that the pioneering airport is a small airport just plain traversed by small plane, they do not know fully about the role of this pioneering airport. Therefore, they freely use the airport area for their daily activities.

Although the pioneering airport does not fulfil airport security procedures such as Flight Operations Safety Zone (KKOP). Pioneering airport facilities also do not meet the standards, for example: no paved runway airport several pioneering, terminals, waiting rooms, warehouses, offices, fire fighting equipment, communication devices, and also experts who have not been prepared. However, the local government still tryto provide the best service to the public.

Our aim is to discuss the pioneering airport because we wanted to make a survey of public opinion about the facilities at the airport and how much the public know about the role, safety and airport security pioneer in Indonesia.



Pioneer Airport is a government effort to expand the development of a region. According to Annex 14 of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). The airport is a specific area on land or water (including buildings, installations and equipment) intended in whole or in part for the arrival, departure and the aircraft movement (

In Indonesia there are 17,504 Islands which part of the island is difficult to reach even inaccessible by land transportation and sea transportation and the area can only pass by air transportation. Therefore, it’s need a simple or small airports for airplane to take off in remote or isolated area so that pioneering airport has a runway that can be guided by a small plane with minimum facilities. Although only a modest airport but this airport is able to support community activities in the area.

“(1) air transport pioneer  shall be convened by the Government, and the implementation does by national commercial air transport under an agreement with the Government”. (2) The implementation of air transport pioneer as referred to in paragraph (1), the local government shall ensure the availability of land, air transport infrastructure, aviation safety and security, as well as other compensation. (Article 104, paragraphs 1 & 2, Act 1 of 2009) and a pioneer policy states that pioneer routes according to the Department of Transportation has the following criteria:

1. Connecting remote areas, where there’s is no other transportation modes, and / or insufficient capacity in that area

2. Encourage the growth and development of remote areas, where the areas have the potential to develop, support development program and regional development, and to encourage the development in other sectors.

3. Bring stability to the defense, where the area adjacent to the borders of other countries.

Referring to the discussion above rules and policies, explained that the government shall ensure the availability of land, air transport infrastructure, aviation safety and security, as well as other compensation to support an isolated area so that the area become the great potential area for economic development and progress of the region

“Aviation safety oversight as referred to in paragraph (1) an ongoing monitoring activities to see the fulfillment of aviation safety regulations implemented by aviation service providers and other stakeholders that includes:

a. audit;

b. inspection;

c. observation (surveillance) and

d. monitoring (monitoring) “. (Article 312, paragraph 2, Act 1 of 2009)

Law no. 1 In 2009 Article 312, paragraph 2 states that in the aviation safety supervision must be concern, because pioneer airport is rarely base on the aircraft which has the possibility of security and safety facilities are inadequate.

In conclusion, the pioneering airport still needs a lot of attention from the local government to develop aviation safety and security in order to open the isolation of a region to promote the development of a regional and economic, tourism and security of the region.


Based on the topic  that we have choose  of “ The Pioneer Airport as a Key of Regional  Development ”  we have made a research related to the Pioneer Airport  which it can improve  the economic  of region. Therefore, we used a research of methodology to know what are the response of the citizen about the Pioneer Airport.

The Method which we use are primary data and secondary data, primary data is get from original source. The original source here is defined as the first source from which the data was obtain. Source of primary data is :

  1. People

Data obtain directly from thepubliceither through intervirws or questionaries are pure data. That data are a pure data or not pure data. The pure data we can get from the people directly, data is not pure adjusted responden with their thoughts

2. Object, condition, situation, or behavior of particular process ans also can obtain from outside observation

3. Laboratory Data :

Laboratory data can be categorized by primary data because it is generated from direct experiment or test conducted by researcher. For the example is experimental result of chemistry, biology, and so on. (source: 495-data-primer/#ixzz28HeuAHIM),  while secondary data is  that we get from libraries , archieves, and the internet as a supporting data.

In the third task we will use data collection methode  of response and public awareness about the importance of the Pioneer  Airport  for regional development, by spreading the enclosed online questionasire. We distribute the online questionnaire, namely VtSWZvUUh1( and social network such as twitter, facebook, and  also blackberry messenger. As of October 3, 2012 was the date there are 75 people who fill out our questionnaires.

Another method that we use in our study is the descriptive researchmethodeand research associative method. The method we use to describe a phenomeno, an event, an event that occurred today at the airport and also determine the relationship  pioneer airport and presence pioneer airport  with regional development.


Data Analysis

Based on our paper, which entitled “The Pioneer Airport as The Key of Establishing Provincies”, we would make a research on the results of our survey, that has been obtained from 94 respondents.

The survey that we made are using by primary and secondary of data collection, by making an online questionnaire.

By the feedback of the respondents, we get the information about their preferences and reponses., and also how much they know about the pioneer airports.

From the data that we get, we present it by charts to give an overview to our readers, as follows:


10 – 17         :  6

18 – 25         : 73

26 – 35         : 10

36 – 45         :  5


Female        : 56

Male             : 38


Student        :  8

Colleger       : 64

Employee    : 12

Entrepreneur          :  9

Others          :  1

Traveling by Plane

Ever              : 75

Never yet     : 19

Knowing about The Pioneer Airports

Yes               : 65

No                 : 25

Doubt           :  4

Visiting the Pioneer Airports

Ever                : 39%

Never yet     : 61%

Often to the Pioneer Airports

Never yet     : 59

Seldom        : 20

Ever              : 11

Often            :  4

Condition of The Pioneer Airports

Good            : 13

Deficient      : 31

Not good      : 10

Not know     : 40

Terminals Condition

Good            : 15

Deficient      : 31

Not Good     :  6

Not know     : 42

Service Quality Gaps

Exist             : 44

Nothing       : 15

Not know     : 35

Comfort Level

Conveninient         : 12

Inconvenient          : 30

Not know                 : 52

The Number of Pioneer Airport

Know                       : 12

Not know                 : 82

The Number of Pioneer Airports

Enough                   :  9

Not enough                        : 55

Not know                 : 29

The Standard of Pioneer Airports

Good                        : 15

Deficient                  : 40

Not good                  :  7

Not know                 : 32

Knowing about The Function of Pioneer Airports

Know                       : 51

Doubt                       : 22

Not Know                : 21

The Pioneer Airports as The Key of Establishing Provincies

Agree                       : 77

Doubt                       : 15

Disagree                  : 2

The Pioneer Airports Can Develop The Regional Economic

Agree                       : 76

Doubt                       : 15

Disagree                  :  3

The Government’s Attention about The Pioneer Airports

Enough                   :   9

Less                         : 64

Not know              : 21



Based on the graph about pioneer airport as a key of regional development,  65% of the people already know about the pioneer airport and 36% ever visit pioneer airport.

From the data that we have collected 31% respondent says that condition of pioneer airport is not good enough  and 31% respondent  says the condition of terminal pioneer airport is not good enaugh, because the people rarely visit  the pioneer airport  that is way  people doesn’t know about the condition  happen in pioneer airport. And also, if there are so many people doesn’t know about the purpose and function of the  pioneer airport as the key  and as the development of  regional economic.

lacck attention from the regional government to the pioneer airport also impact an advance of pioneer airport because pioneer airport needs highly cost to built a complete facilities especially for safety, security, and the convenience in flight.

From all the data we have about  the positive and negative reaction from the people to the pioneer airport, it can be a standart of pioneer airport to improve the airport facilities that can be function to open the isolated region, be a gate between a big city with another isolated  region  it means also open the region to show up their special feature of their regional resources, such as a nice viewer,  resources, and so on.  With There are the good facilities so the safety and the flight convenience will cometrue and people have ease access to reach the isolated regional.

So that can’t happening more discrepancy both of pioneer airport service with another  general airport  also discomplete development in many regional so the government should improve the facilities which is in the pioneer airport. For the example, built a proper  terminal building, repair a runway, pay attention to safety and security to the people whose using an air transport in the pioneering airport.



Based on the topic we have choose “Pioneer Airport as a Regional  Development Key” we have made a conclusion that the pioneer airport can be a key of regional development, include regional economy expansion, expansion the recreation region, and can it can be an extention of the hand distribution channel resources to areas evenly. Based on the data that we get from 94 respondent, many responden agree if pioneering airport must improve and increasing the infrastructure so that that region can be ease to reach and become a developed area. In any casse people does not release about the safety and security in the airport so that the goverment must persuade people in that area to get some necesarry  meaning of flight  safety and security.

Most of the respondents have known about the pioneer airport, but some of them do not know the function of pioneer airport as a key of regional development, especially in isolated area; to make a way to those areas. The pioneer airports in the isolated areas are usually get less attention from the local government and the people around it does not really aware of the importance of this airports  and the boundaries of the safety and security areas in the airports.



Based on the conclusion that we have made, we would give some suggestions, they are:

  1. The local government should give more attention to the pioneer airports as the pacer for the isolated areas, to introduce the features of a region, besides the natural beauty and resources that exist in that area to improve the economy of a region.
  2. The people should know and obey to the airport area restrictions, relating to aviation’s safety and security.
  3. The pioneer airports should improve the quality of airport’s infrastructures in order to create a safe, secure, convinient airport, such as the terminal which compatible with the standardization in KM No. 2 tahun 2005, terminals with a certain area according to the number of passangers per year, which are groupped into the common room, indoor semi-steril, and steril room.

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