Is It Necessary To Build A New Airport As A Replacement Of Adi Sucipto Airport?

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                    As a developing country, Indonesia requires the developments for the progress of nation. One of the important development is airport. Construction and development of airport is important because the airport is the gateway of a country and therefore the airport development planning should be appropriated to the circumstances that exist in the future.

Adi Sucipto Yogyakarta is one of the international airports in Indonesia. But, the high density of the passengers at the airport each year had exceeded the capacity. Moreover, Adi Sucipto airport is not only functioned as a commercial airport but also used as a military air base. It is proper that the international airport should focus on only one of the aviation importance.

Other problem is long runway at the airport so short that cannot be used by a large body aircraft for landing and the runway condition no longer possible to be extended as close to the abyss. As an international airport this infrastructure must be improved.

PT. Angkasa Pura  and India investor plan to build a new airport in Yogyakarta. The new airport is planned to be built in Kulon Progo on 637 hectares area. The new airport construction will be started in 2014 and it is targeted to operate in 2016. The new airport is expected to accommodate 10 million passengers each year.

If it needs a new airport in lieu Adi Sucipto airport? Or a new airport just as an alternative airport from Adi Sucipto airport?



Research Method

Research is an activity in scientific paper aimed at solving a problem. The function of research is to find answers or clarity on a solution to the problem and provide alternative solutions that can be used.

The research is descriptive research methods that seek to describe and interpret the objects according to what it is (Best,1982:119).

Descriptive research that used in analyzing is survey method. Survey method is one way descriptive research conducted on an object in a certain period. Way that is used in this survey by spreading online questionnaire ( Our survey also spread through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger). Our target respondents at least 30 people between the age of 15 – 60 years old. The question we ask as many as 16 questions on conditions of Adi Sucipto Airport and the new development plan.

The purpose of this study through an online survey to see what people’s reaction about building a new airport in the area Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta.


The foundation of the theory

Airport development is so important to enhance services, safety, and security that existed at the airport. The development should be appropriated to density and capacity of the airport.

Bandar Udara adalah kawasan di daratan dan/atau perairan dengan batas-batas tertentu yang digunakan sebagai tempat pesawat udara mendarat dan lepas landas, naik turun penumpang, bongkar muat barang, dan tempat perpindahan intra dan antarmoda transportasi, yang dilengkapi dengan fasilitas keselamatan dan keamanan penerbangan, serta fasilitas pokok dan fasilitas penunjang lainnya”. (UU No.1 tahun 2009 Bab 1 Pasal 1 Ayat 33 tentang Penerbangan)


according to law of aviation No.1 of 2009 chapter 1, article 1, subsection 33.) “Airport is an area in the mainland and/or water face with certain borders being used as a site for landing and taking off of aircrafts, getting on and off of passengers, load and unloading of cargo/goods, and intra and intermode transfers of transportation, equipped with aviation safety and security facilities, and basic and other supporting facilities.”

It is important to be explained the use of airport and military air base inside the airport. This is described in Law No.1 of 2009 article 257 Under a certain circumstance a military airbase may be used jointly as an airport.

Joint utilization of an airport or a military airbase as meant in items (1)and (2) shall be performed by paying attention to:

a. the needs for air transportation services;

b. aviation safety, security, and smooth process;

c. state security and defense; and

d. the rules of law and regulations.

Another law No.1 of 2009 article 258 says “Dalam keadaan damai, pangkalan udara yang digunakan bersama berlaku ketentuan penerbangan sipil. Pengawasan dan pengendalian penggunaan kawasan keselamatan operasi penerbangan pada Pangkalan Udara yang digunakan bersama dilaksanakan oleh otoritas bandar udara setelah mendapat persetujuan dari instansi terkait.”  Adanya Undang-undang tersebut membuktikan bahwa Bandar Udara Adi Sucipto diperbolehkan digunakan bersama sebagai pangkalan udara”.

In a peaceful situation, the military airbase jointly utilized as meant in Article 257 item (2) civil aviation regulations shall be applied. (2) The oversight and control of aviation operational safety zone joint utilization at military airbase shall be undertaken by the airport authority after obtaining an approval from inter-related agencies. “

Government regulation no.70 of 2001 section 52 subsection 2 of the airport affair says, “In determining the joint utilizing of the airport or air base at least contain”:

  1. Rights, duties, responsibilities and authority of each part
  2. Status of ownership/control of the asset at airport or air base that is used together.

So, according to government regulation no. 70 of 2001 section 53, in terms of the airport or airbase is no longer used together for civil aviation and military aviation, the status of the airport or airbase will return to the status before it is used jointly established by presidential decree. So that, Adi Sucipto airport should not be used as civil airport and military air base. Besides, the condition of passenger density at the airport increases, so need to build a new airport to replace Adi Sucipto airport.


The result of the online survey obtained the following data:

 1. How Old are you?
15-20 43 61%
21-25 16 23%
26-30 7 10%
31-40 3 4%
41-50 1 1%
51-60 0 0%


2. your occupation?

Student 0 0%
College student 48 69%
Employee 13 19%
Entrepreneur 6 9%
Others 3 4%


3. Gender
Male 29 41%
 Female 41 59%



4. Do you frequently use air transportation?
Yes 55 79%
No 15 21%


5. Have you visited bandara adi sucipto airport
Yes 45 64%
No 25 36%


6. How do you think the condition and the facilities at adi sucipto airport?
very good 1 1%
Good 17 24%
good enough 40 57%
Bad 10 14%
very bad 2 3%


7. Do you agree if adi sucipto airport used together as military air base and commercial airport?
Agree 18 26%
Disagree 52 74%


8. Do you know about the socialization of new replacement airport in yogyakarta?
Know 25 36%
Do not know 45 64%


9. Do you agree with the plan to build a new airport as a replacement adi sucipto airport?
agreed 55 79%
Disagree 15 21%


10. Do you agree if the new airport is built in the area of kulon progo?
agreed 40 57%
Disagree 30 43%


11. Is the adi sucipto airport considered optimal in providing public services?
Yes 38 54%
No 32 46%


12. Do you agree if adi sucipto airport is focused as a military air base?
agreed 27 39%
Disagree 43 61%


13. Does the existence of new airport can increase the passengers movement?
Yes 56 80%
No 14 20%


14.Do you think it is necessary if there is a new airport as replacement of adi sucipto airport?
Ya 54 77%
Tidak 16 23%


15. Is adi sucipto airport need to be maintained as public airport?
Yes 51 73%
No 19 27%



16. Do you think the new airport should be used as a substitute for adi sucipto airport as an replacement or just supporting?

replacement airport 29 41%
supporting airport 41 59%


Based on the survey was distributed online in this research, there are 70 people as respondents until wednesday, october 10, 2012 at 17:00 p.m. Respondents was dominated by 15-20 years old as much as 61%. Status respondents as a college student as much as 69%, employee 19%, entrepreneur 9%, and others 4%. Female respondents as much as 59%, and male respondents as much as 41%. The majority of respondents frequently use air transportation as much as 29% of respondents. As much as 64% respondents had visited adi sucipto airport.

The status of adi sucipto airport

From the data obtained, 75% of respondents disagreed that adi sucipto airport used together as public airport and military air base. Then the respondents disagreed when adi sucipto just focused as a military air base, as evidenced by 75%. As much as 72% of respondents think that the airport  needs to be maintained as commercial airport. This is because of adi sucipto airport has been made as major airport in the aviation activity in the region of yogyakarta, and the respondents disagreed with this because if it uses together may lead to less favorable operation of the airport, and cannot be done optimally as a commercial airport.

Plan for the new airport

From the result of survey, known that many respondents, haven’t aware yet of socialization of ay plans to build a new airport in Yogyakarta. Planning the construction of the airport because of the airport itself is over capacity, and it will be placed at Kulon Progo area, although the facilities that given and existed in the airport is good enough, and respondents felt that the airport has given maximum public service. However, the respondents has agreed with the plan to build a new airport in Kulom Progo, because it can overcome the problem of over capacity at the airport and to improve passenger movement.

As a supporting airport or replacement airport

For the airport that operate in conjunction with military base, Adi Sucipto Airport has certain rules and agreements concerning about utilizing the airport. Therefore, one function of the new airport construction is to replace the airport as a commercial airport and focusing Adi Sucipto airport as a military base. The survey also stated that the respondents wanted a new airport to support Adi Sucipto airport which become over capacity, not to replace or substitute it. So, Adi Sucipto airport is persistent as public airport and the problem solved with the existing of supporting airport.



From the result of survey that have been conducted and the analysis made about “ is it necessary to build a new airport as a replacement of Adi Sucipto Airport?” it can be concluded that most people do not know about the construction plan of a new airport as replacement of adi sucipto airport and the majority of respondents agreed with the plan. And they prefer the new airport as supporting airport to a replacement airport. In addition, the survey also stated that the public does not agree if the airport used as a commercial airport and military air base, because the status of adi sucipto airport itself as international airport which have to focus on just one activity, civil aviation. So, Adi Sucipto should still be the main airport in Yogyakarta and the new airport is only used as a supporting airport in order to maximize and to improve the civil aviation service in Yogyakarta.


New airport construction plan is actually very good and needed.  The new airport as the better replacement airport and then used as multifunctional airport ( such as Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, Jakarta). But, people prefer the new airport as supporting airport because of public do not know about this plan, so that people do not understand the intent and purpose of the construction this new airport. Therefore, the government or Angkasa Pura 1 should give more news or socialize this planning, in addition to add knowledge and information also to enable them to comprehend or understand the meaning and purpose of the construction of this airport.

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