Activities and Roles Document Processing Import (Part 3)

Group 6

D3 GH 2011

Leader    :     Yurike Nalurita         (243111024)

Member  :     Briyan Albar            (243111008)

Chika Adyanti          (243111017)

Nurhammah            (243111029)



A while ago, PT.Gapura Angkasa had to face the lack of human resource however, at this time, the condition of human resource in that department has been enough and already getting better. The activities in document processing import startd from 08.00AM to 17.00PM. document processing is devided into 3 division : NOA,DO and SPB.

The fungtion of NOA is to confirm the arrival of the products at the airports to the goods owner, this can be done through telephone,faxand mails. There only one staff working in this division.

DO is used as a proof that the document has been taken by the goods owner. DO consists of three sheets(location,Custom,and rent warehouse). In this division, there are two staffs employed.

SIPB is used as license to export the goods  SIPB also consists of there sheets9owner,location,document processing). In unit SIPB only one staffworking in this division like the NOA.

According to the result of our  interview with  document processing import staff, human resource in this division is quite prosperous eventhough their earnings are still below the wage’s standard the employes are still diligent and further morethey havent done any strike or demonstrations

From there we can infer that the human resources condition in the document processing import part has been satistying and meets with the standards that the company wants.


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