Activities and Roles Document Processing Import (Part 5)

Group 6

D3 GH 2011

Leader      :  Yurike Nalurita (243111024)

Member    :  Bryan  Albar (243111008)

Chika  Adyanti (243111017)

Nurhammah (243111029)



After taking field learning that we had done in the document processing import , we got a lot of benefit that increase knowledge we become more knowing about what thing exactly did the document processing import beside that, we also know about how does the system work from computer and how to process the documents of import goods that come in
a long the field learning in the document processing import , now we are knowing that the document processing import part be divided in to the three parts, NOA, DO, dan SIPB. NOA(Notice An Arrival) is to confirm to the owner of the goods that the goods had arrived in the airport the DO (Delivery Order) is the proof that the goods had taken and the SIPB (apply from the send out thing) which used as an applying from to that goods to be sent out. The condition of SDM (human resource) in the document processing import had experienced shortages but for now, the SDM in this part had been fixed better and become enough. Also every workers in document processing import division wont ever stop working or protesting

And also we could understand the problems that happened around in document processing import and the solutions , like the cancled OB (over brengen), frequency of asking a low rent by the agent, if the electricity problems happen the system must use the manual one and the frequency of system eror that required the manual one just like what happen when the electricity is down



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