Expedition Company Service Strategy To Increase Customer

Name: Arief Jehantara

NIM: 224108139

class: A-10 S1 MTU


From the results of the survey data on the company’s strategy of improving customer service can be summed up, service is an activity or action that may be offered by one party to the other, and the products offered can be a physical product or not. The aircraft used for transporting cargo is cargo or freighter aircraft. The strategy is to support aggressive growth policy (Gwowth Oriented Strategy). Despite the many threats coming in terms of the power company should have internal strategy by using force, long-term opportunities (Product / Market).

From the survey data it is concluded that customers have freight forwarders who are being friendly services in a smile, a greeting, and a greeting (communication strategy).


The suggestion which I will present that to the task of strategy articles about companies in improving customer service, this has made ​​me more insight and greater knowledge and can apply the theory and prakyek about management strategies to determine strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats to meet appropriate strategy. So suggestions of what I said, I thank you for the opportunity you have Eko Probo D. Warpani provide. We are sorry if there are errors in the writing, so thank you.


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