Name: Arief Jehantara

Nim: 224108139

Class: MTU S1-A 10

2.Basis Theory

The foundation of the theory which I will describe about the company’s services strategy to improve customer expedition. Airlines in the world are familiar with the courier service, where service is in great demand by consumers in making delivery of goods in an efficient and time. In general the service is an act or acts that can be offered by one party to another and the products offered can be a physical product or not, if the product is in the form of physical products within the stages going through some changes, so it will be satisfy the desires of consumers and also increase customer interest.

According to Kotler who dikutib by Suharto Abdul Majid (2009: 33), states that the service is any activity that can be offered by one party to the other party, which is essentially intangible and does not result in a person having something. Services typically have quality experience and high trust.

According to the dikutib Croven by Suharto Abdul majid (2009:34) states that the service is an action or change, the appearance of a business. If a product can be seen, felt, or touched, then the service is otherwise, that can not be seen, intangible and can not be owned. Meanwhile, according to Kotler (2005, pp119-130) found that it contains some of the consequences:

1. First, consumer services generally rely on the story by word of mouth rather than advertising.

2. They rely heavily on price, personnel, and physical clues to judge its quality.

3. They are very loyal to service providers that satisfy them.

There are several types of services, for example in accordance with the theme that I take is that this type is the type of courier services Service.Jasa Non-Goods of this type is intangible personal services (not in the form of physical products) are offered to customers. Examples courier.

Definition or understanding of the cargo under Suharto Abdul Majid and Eko Probo D. warpani (2009:95) are all goods (goods) that are sent over the air (aircraft), marine (boats), or land (container truck) which is usually held for trading, either between regions or cities in the country and between countries (international) known as import export. The aircraft used for transporting cargo or freighter called cargo aircraft.

services basically always being friendly in a smile, a greeting, and a greeting. Here the services required to always respond to any requests for service with the care, help and accomplish any given task pelangan. Criticism and suggestions are coming from consumers or customers should be tackled immediately and provide an accurate and effective solutions not just promises alone.

The marketing strategy is the marketing activities of products, marketing to consumers or customers in order to make decisions and kaedah to get a positive response from pelanggan.Strategi in price (price) represents the quality of the products / services that affect the user’s role as a loyal customer for service. In promoting services, shipping companies have activities to promote their services through advertising or in terms of actions and outstanding service so that the promotion can be through word of mouth.

Every company must have a marketing strategy for the targets to be achieved and in accordance with the existing development. Companies need to identify opportunities and threats. Company is expected to have the competencies required for success in the opportunities and be able to deal with the threat. Companies also need to reflect on and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, so as to determine the appropriate strategies to be run and used within the company.


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