Name: Arief Jehantara

Nim: 224108139

class: S1 MTU A -10

Task: 3

3. research methods

In this study I use the method of data collection method is a procedure for obtaining the data in sisitematika premiere of the source data directly from the source or data collectors. Form of secondary data is data that is not directly derived from the business itself but through data collection by research Librarianship, using several books related to issues that will ditelit, and it could be through the internet or google.

Methods of data collection include:

1.Penelitian field with the object came to be studied. Such data can be obtained through interviews with those closely associated with shipping companies such as employees who work in the cargo.

2. Observation study by direct observation data collection to get a clear picture of the real events diperusahaan to be studied.

3. The study by the research questionnaire asked respondents to answer relevant parties ie the giving of written questions to the user about the services of customer satisfaction in using the services of the expedition. This research can be done with a Likert scale.

According Sugiyono (2010:132) Likert type format is one of the most widely used measurement in social research, that give weight or score to a question of consumers so that research results of data processed by qualitative and quantitative.

examples of quantitative data analysis, each answer can be assigned a score, for example:

1. Agree / always / very positive given a score of (5)

2. Agree / often / positive were scored (4)

3. Strongly disagree / never given a score (3)

4. Doubt-Doubt / Kadang-kadang/netral given a score of (2)

5. Disagree / almost petnah / negative was scored (1)

Research using Likert scales can be either a check list or multiple choice.

The purpose of this study to determine the strengths and weaknesses internal factors, external factors in the face of opportunities and threats, and strategies to increase the number of subscribers. And the benefits extend their knowledge and further insights that can be applied directly in the theory and practice of air freight forwarding services.

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