Name: Arief Jehantara

NIM: 224108139

Class: MTU S1-A

Task: 4


From the results of the data set that I have spread through direct surveys using Likert scale research can be a check list or by deploying multiple choice question paper containing the 30 respondents of young people and older people who used to use the services of the expedition. And it can be seen from questions about customer satisfaction in the use of air courier 80% of respondents were satisfied due to the courier company makes it easy for consumers to be able to send goods with a short and efficient and an affordable price. Besides, it will need forwarding services increased because trade between regions became more frequent. If customers are not satisfied then they will switch to another courier. And 20% of respondents were not satisfied to use courier service due to freight forwarders who are less satisfying customers, for example, employees who are not polite in speech and manners bertata or poor service in delivering the goods do not match the time disepakati.Bagi shipping companies, performance improvement dilakukantanpa services may not be supported by well-planned and integrated information systems.

Analysis by internal factors are favorable situation for the company has the opportunity and power so as to leverage existing opportunities. The strategy to be applied is to support aggressive growth policy (Gwowth Oriented Strategy). Despite the many threats coming in terms of the power company should have internal strategy by using force, long-term opportunities (Product / Market).

From the survey data it is concluded that customers have freight forwarders who are being friendly services in a smile, a greeting, and a greeting. Services required to always respond to every request with care services, assistance and completed in a timely manner according to customer demand. In this case one shipping company service strategy in attracting customers. Every company must have a target to be achieved, the strategy to be adopted must be appropriate so as to follow the developments that occurred between freight forwarders.


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