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Companies expedition in Indonesia is growing from year to year, with more and more of his shipping company to make competition between firms becomes more intense services. Enterprise network expansion undertaken to develop and maintain the company’s business in order to become more advanced. Courier companies are intimately associated with air transportation in logistics. Air transport is one of the superior transport other than transport, because of timeliness in delivery of effective and short time, thus becoming a major factor increasing demand for freight services using air transportation.

In the growing freight demand, many companies courier delivery or popping. So that makes her much competition between courier company. Competition courier making companies vying for strategies that can attract customers to use their services. Competing firms provide a reliable service to its customers and service users expedition.

Companies are looking for opportunities to get the right strategy in the application of prospecting. Every company must have a target to be achieved, the strategy adopted must be appropriate, so that it can evolve as expected. Companies should take advantage of every opportunity, and so does the threat come, so that the company can determine the right strategy for the run.

So, my goal is to use the theme of this introduction, how to search the shipping company the right strategy to fight the emerging competition and the company can attract customers in a service expedition.


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