The Effect of Air Transport Services In The Productivity


Name : Hendrik Kerensha

NIM : 221407255

Class : S1 MTU

Task : II


Chapter II

Basis Theory

Products in the broad sense encompasses “everything that can be given to a person in order to satisfy a need or desire”. (Source: Managing Airline Reservation System, Agus Irianto, SE, MM, 2010). In the air transport services, supporting productivity is to see what is desired by the users of air transport services is the time efficiency, comfort and safety. All that met in order for the users of air transport services can be satisfied and increase their productivity. Therefore, the support facilities they have the added productivity, and look deeper into what is needed by the users of air transport services. Airlines also compete to provide their best services and facilities, to the satisfaction of the users of air transport services. In this time and age sekarng efficiency greatly in the note, as for workers, time is money, everything should be done as efficiently as possible. That’s what air transport services, minimize time with the distance far enough, that’s why air transport services are very influential in productivity.
In addition to supporting facilities, it should be noted HR (Human Resources) to improve the quality of service for users of air transport services. Updates technology also need to facilitate access in air transport. The number of users of air transport services to make a profit for the airline companies and the state, so as to improve the country’s economy. The need for government intervention to improve the shortcomings of existing facilities within the air transportation. In the transport service, a prominent increase occurred in freight air transport, in because the airlines to look and see what is needed by the users of air transport services. Therefore, air transportation greatly affects work productivity.

In saying by Just another Indonesia Travel Business Blogs Sites site Soekarno Hatta Airport, May 30, 2012 (, the masterplan for Soekarno-Hatta International Airport will increase from the current capacity of 22 million passengers per year to 62 million passengers per year in 2014. This airport will use the theme “Modern Airport With Traditional Flavour” new project. Angkasa Pura II as designed operator Soekarno-Hatta airport will have a third passenger terminal, a new cargo terminal 1 (cargo village) and building integrated in 2014. There will also be an increase apron capacity from the current 125 aircraft to 174 aircraft. A train from the airport and Manggarai Statiun People Mover System is designed to trnasportasi land from / to the airport and also in planning. Angkasa Pura II will spend Rp. 11.7 trillion ($ 1.36 billion) to transform the airport into an airport a ‘world class’ which will be called the aerotropolis in 2014. In the first phase of terminal 3 will be expanded and further terminal 1 and terminal 2 is integrated with green walls and the airport has a convention hall, shopping centers, hotels, playgrounds, recreational facilities and the 20,000 vehicles parking area. To anticipate the surge of passengers, at least ten per cent every year, the government is preparing to put the runway number 3.

After I read a quote from the book and look at the resources available and I as users of air transport services itself, calls for governments and companies-flight Integration not only plan, but realize real, sehinnga work productivity and well-being can be improved. As well as to advance the state’s economy and to compete with other countries that are more advanced. In my opinion, to be more noticed the plane that will be used, because many people believe, many airlines are still using aircraft that have been eaten aka old age. Therefore more in improve the quality of human resources and quality of aircraft that minimize the rate of accidents in air transportation services.


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