The Effect of Air Transport Services In The Productivity

Name : Hendrik Kerensha

NIM : 224107255

Class : S1 MTU

Task : III


Chapter III

Research Methods

In this assignment, I want to describe the method of research. The research method is the primary means used to achieve the research objectives and determine the answer to the problem posed. (Nasir, 1988:51). In this study I want to explain about the aspects that affect how much support and air transport services on productivity. As well as examining the level of interest in the development of air transport services.

My research uses secondary data. Secondary data is data that already exists. For example, a library, office, internet, etc.. In addition to the secondary data as a method of research, I also use these methods of experimental research. Methods of experimental research is to find a causal relationship between the two factors is deliberately generated by researchers with mengelimiasi or reduce or eliminate other factors that interfere. For example, factors that penujang and reciprocity that exist between producers and consumers, resulting in continuity between the two parties.

In addition, the research method that I use is the descriptive research method. The research method was descriptive research describes a variable, facts or events, and symptoms that occur. I use this research method aims to explain and illustrate influential air transport services on work productivity. And collection of data that I took from the source – the source that exists, involving themes in my research.

And for this week I used the method of collecting primary data online via the Internet and social networking media. Primary data is data that comes from the original. For example, give interviews or questionnaires or asked questions to the resource persons, such as teachers engaged in air transportation or experts engaged in the field of air transport. Primary data were collected online is to be closed and confidential, because the data collection is done informally and respondents were given information about the purpose and methods of this study aims to describe the core of who I lakuakan research on the effects of air transport services in the productivity.



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