The Effect of Air Transport Services In The Productivity

Name : Hendrik Kerensha

NIM : 224107255

Class : S 1 MTU

Task : 1

Chapter I


1. Preliminary
1.1 Background
Aircraft are one of the tools used air transportation as accommodation or transport to take passengers and goods from one place to another. Air freight transportation has increased as well as the increasing demand for air transport services. Surge of the high demand for air transport services in the review of the work activities, delivery of goods, and orng people who want to travel. The users of air transport services in terms of the efficiency of time and convenience while on the go, so it can support the productivity and performance. In terms of satisfying the users of air transport services, air transport companies to see the needs and desires of users of air transport services, they add a lot of facilities, services, and air transport fleet. Most people use more air transport services due to security and more satisfactory service in bangingkan with other transportation services.
Activity current population is growing, so does productivity. Many of the workers or people who want to travel out of the city, between provinces, and abroad with the distance of time saving far enough. Therefore the transport service users prefer air transportation services, for time efficiency and comfort in the air and menujang their work productivity. Airlines today many consumers looking for ways to improve by promoting fares. So much going on competition among airlines. Air freight transportation has many functions in supporting productivity such as freight, cargo and post.
According to Reuters, General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I airport branch Sultan Hasanuddin International Rahcman Syahfrie said predictions based on the movements of passengers per year on average have increased 10 to 11 percent per year. So it looks that a lot of users of air transport services to support their work productivity. In addition, the need for more attention to airline safety and the needs of the desired by the users of air transport services. So the developments in the air transport service companies increased.
Therefore I want to review more about how big the effect of air transport services in the productivity in Indonesia, although many other transportation services operating in their respective fields. And how the changes will be undertaken to support the airline’s productivity, and what constraints faced by the airlines in the increasing satisfaction of the users of air transport services.


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