The Lack Of Facilities At Soekarno Hatta International Airport

Ground Handling (2)


  • Ketua              : Prasasti Oktaviani             (224110054)
  • Anggota        : Yuli Yanti                                (224110067)
  • Kelas               : S1 MTU A `10



The Teorof Service

According to Endar Sugiarto (2002:36) Services are activities, benefits, or offered satisfaction. Meanwhile the focuses of the action which are taken to meet the needs of others gratification level. So, itcan only be felt by those who serve and served”.

(Source: Ground Handling ”Manajemen Pelayanan Darat Perusahaan Penerbangan, Eko Probo D. Warpani dan Suharto Abdul Majid, 2009).


We can conclude that the airport is an infrastructure for passenger aircraft, each of the users of the airport facility services is provided by the organizers that must meet the needs of passengers and services. The facility services must be in accordance with the mechanisms that have been set.

The Theory of Administration ofAirport

Handoko said that (1998:7) “Good airport management should be based on an effective and efficient business“.

1. The effective definition is the ability to choose the right destination or the right equipment to achieve the goals set. [Handoko, 1998; 7]

2. The definition of efficient is the ability to get the correctly job, obtain the higher output (yield, productivity, performance) than the input (labor, materials, money, machines, and time) to minimize the cost of using resources to achieve predetermined output, or maximizing output with a limited amount of input. [Handoko, 1998; 7]

We can conclude that the management of facilities of airport must be in accordance with the needs of passengers and carry out activities in the activities of flight operations and the use of aircraft services. Airport management should be effective and efficient. From this, it need for an airport manager to support the safety of the passengers.

According to Decree of Air Act No.1 of 2009 Article 219 Paragraph 1:

Every business entity airports or airport operator unit shall provide airports services that meet safety and aviation security and airport services in accordance with established standard services.

The airport Unit should provide facilities for the users of aviation services and many things that make the passengers feel uncomfortable. Because airport is responsible for security and aviation safety and airport service for user satisfaction. Mainly the terms are for cleanliness and many facilities that need to be fixed, such parking facility, infrastructure facility to the airport, and passenger waiting room facilities. The airport is one of the transportation infrastructures, and instrumental in promoting economic growth and increased foreign countries.



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