Unfair Competition Airlines

Name: Yulianti

Nim: 224107189

Class: MTU S1-A 10

Task: 3

3. Research methods

Air transport has become a favored alternative means of transportation because it is easy and fast, compared to other means of transportation. This is causing increasing competition between airlines unhealthy one in Indonesia. The high competition cheap fare airlines make the competition becomes unhealthy, for it to do the research. The purpose of this study to determine the behavior based on the procurement market, the type of service and level of promotion of the theme that I made about the unhealthy competition among airlines.

Competitive rates on Indonesian airlines associated with unfair competition in terms of the law no. 5 of 1999 on the prohibition of monopolistic practices and unfair business competition.

The research method is that the research conducted no steps are skipped, so the research method can be achieved in a systematic and as expected. Making research methods tailored to what the problems will be resolved. In this study, will identify the problems that occurred in the airline industry about unfair competition among airlines or tariff war. By identifying the problem, so it can be understood in the form of problems to be thorough.

The first stage is carried out to study the collection of data, at this stage of data collection is needed in the implementation of research on unfair competition among airlines. Data collection and processing is undertaken to obtain the actual conditions based on the facts and will be the object of research. The data obtained is of secondary data derived from the library, internet, office, etc..

The second research phase is the phase behavior measurements in the business aviation industry low rates using a descriptive method of research is research based on facts and events in the community and the world of aviation. The next stage of the research methods using labeled quesioner through field survey by a discussion with professors or friends, in the field of air transport and via the Internet or online sites. The final phase of the study is the overall conclusion of the study, because the conclusion will answer the purpose of the study.


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