Unfair Competition Airlines

Name: Yulianti

NIM: 224107189

Class: MTU S1-A

Task: 4


In chapter 4, I discuss the results of the survey questionnaire The studies that I have spread to some questions via online (blackberry) or in person (face to face) about behavior based on market coverage, service type, and level of promotion of unhealthy competition among airlines. Results from The studies was conducted using the method of collecting data from respondents who travel frequently using air transportation services. With responses by 40 respondents on this issue, among others, the market share of low-cost transportation and expensive tend to be 80% more likely to choose the lower prices of air transport services and 20% chose to use high-cost services. This is because the cost of the trip is cheap so that more and more interest in people who prefer cheap compared to outstanding service and safety are obtained. Utilizing tickets cheap fare ticket reservations should be made well in advance and should be right in the absence of changes to the conditions of booking tickets. Reservations should be made 2-3 months prior to the date of departure, because tickets can not be direfund cheap rates (exchange rate) or transferable. Usually that use this cheap fare tickets from the public secondary student / learner.

Promotions conducted airlines tend to be more dominant captivate consumers 70%, and 30% ignore any cheap promotional offer. Promotion is done through advertising / media online / print campaign which is very powerful paradigm shift passengers and directing passengers find promo fares. Given the many potential passengers promo bus / train fare airline service switch to cheaper because often times the ticket fare is cheaper than the train ticket fare / bus ticket.

The role of government is critical to the determination of the limit plane fare to avoid competition seeks to raise rates an indirect reference management companies will be forced airlines creative and efficient in segmentation of the right in building quality and service excellence for enterprises / industrial airlines. The realization of effective and efficient transportation in supporting and simultaneously move the dynamics of development.

From these data can be analyzed that the respondents prefer to use low-cost air transportation services as a compelling addition to price promotions and drained pockets of the passengers, and the promo-promo that made the airline managed to attract public response. This makes the corporate aviation industry doing war or unhealthy competition among airlines.


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