Unfair Competition Airlines

Name: Yulianti

NIM: 224107189

class : S1 MTU A-10

Task: 5


From the results of the data that I have made, it can be concluded that air transport is an activity with the use of aircraft to transport passengers, cargo, and mail to one or more trips from the airport to other airports or airports (Regulation no. 40 th 1995 on air transport).

Unhealthy competition among airlines in Indonesia is still low in the supervision of the government. Many competing airlines conduct flights with cheap fare fare, affordable so many people who are interested in the campaign carried out by the airline ads, regardless of service and flight safety.


After doing research and field study, while the suggestion that I can say:

Things must be done to create an air transport is safe and effective:

1. government oversight

2. Tightening safety

3. rejuvenation plane

4. Setting the boundaries of airfare to avoid unfair competition.

5. It should be a strict law against airlines that do not implement proper safety.

The government should be more strict in issuing certificates and Aircraft Air Operation Certificate obligation and the reference rate should immediately apply for flight maskapain not violate security components fly.

Such conclusions and suggestions I’ve mentioned in unhealthy competition among the airlines. Sorry if there was a typing error, and so thanks.


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