Unfair competition airlines

Name: Yulianti
Nim : 224107189
Groundhandling MTU-A 10

1. preliminary

1.1 Background

In urban areas are characterized by the presence of a fairly good air transportation, the need for transportation services is highly qualitative and different characteristics that will increase the need for air transportation or air penerbangan.Transportasi airline has become a common means of human dikehidupan. With the access to the air transport market is relatively better enable people to travel from one place to another, between inter-provincial city.

With the development of times, airlines in Indonesia has developed rapidly with the size of the potential number of airline passengers to the activity increased and demand for air transport will increase. It is important to know the magnitude of the need for air transport in the present and the future for resource efficiency by managing transportation infrastructure system is needed.

Air freight is the activity of using aircraft to transport passengers, cargo, and mail for one trip from the airport to the other airport or airports (PP. 40 th 1995 on air transport. Many competing airlines or air freight hold airlines with cheap price, affordable, and efficient. So much going on unfair competition among airlines. Since then, aviation services company popping up everywhere.

The purpose of the theme of writing that I made, how little oversight of the airline flight in Indonesia and the delimitation of the plane fare to avoid unhealthy competition among airlines, and solutions to avoid competition.


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