Activity In Acceptance Export Cargo


LEADER        :           Intan Hayati (2431.11.026)

Member          :

Abraham julius p  (2431.11.020)

Trounne vionadea (2431.11.027)

Dwika kurniawan  (2431.11.028)

Class              :           D3 GH 2011

Lecturer         :           Eko Probo D.Warpani




Problems in Acceptance Cargo Export

In receiving goods on Acceptance Cargo Export, Gapura Angkasa Corp. has used the good computerization and good regulation, in order to receiving goods or the cost of warehouse. But, there are problems that we think occurred in Gapura Angkasa Corp. , here are the problems :

1. Not Good in Segmentation Documents

Document is a valuable thing on Acceptance, because Acceptance is a first gateway in procedure to send goods, and the good segmentation is very need, because it will be valuable to employee. But, as we see on practicing, there is an Acceptance Employee that searching the non-dangerous goods documents that happened because the segmentation is not good, it can annoy the works. The good segmentation is needed, so the employee that want to search a document won’t take long time to work, that can affect their work time.

2. The Loss on Work Security

Safety Shoes is very important while we do our job in cargo warehouse, because, there are too many dangerous device that can affect the employee, but there are many employees that not using the Safety Shoes while working and not warned by securiy. As we see on practicing, A forklift run over an agent’s feet in another cargo company’s warehouse, and the agent is not wears a Safety Shoes. So then, the use of safety shoes is very important for employees that work in cargo. And so the security system must be followed and tighten of employees that not follow the standard rules on working.

These are the problems that we’ve seen when we practicing in Gapura Angkasa Corp. There are more technical problem like power down, late employee, or not present employee. And every company must have a strategy to face those problems to keep the stabilisation on the company.

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