Activity In Acceptance Export Cargo


LEADER        :           Intan Hayati (2431.11.026)

Member          :

Abraham julius p  (2431.11.020)

Trounne vionadea (2431.11.027)

Dwika kurniawan  (2431.11.028)

Class              :           D3 GH 2011

Lecturer         :           Eko Probo D.Warpani


Chapter 5


The activity of “acceptance” department not only receiving document from the agent but also issuing a document that is used to process the cargo until it is delivered. That kind of process of course need the involvement of many sides, example, ground cargo shipping company, agent, custom (cargo delivery), airline, and others. Those sides need to be coordinated in the works to export the cargo.

We conclude that the acceptance department was also a place for early inspection for the cargo and plays a big role in deciding the next phrase. Before further phrase, the officer need to check the document          ( BTB/Bukti timbang barang, shipper’s letter of issuing air waybill air consignment note, BUP/BUC check sheet,etc), checking whether the cargo is the same as listed in the document. Then do the weighting to decide the chargeable weight and fee for the cargo.  Cooperate with AVSEC officer for the Xray scanning,  If the cargo pass the xray scan it will be given a security check label for further processing.

Everything connected to the terms of air cargo transportation is being regulated in IATA which inside also included (TACT rules and rate and standard ground handling agreement (2008)). For that so every officer need to be responsible for everything that gonna be happen as what stated in the regulation. Those regulation absolutely has been an international agreement so as the Indonesian government apply it in Indonesia.


To keep the stability for a ground handling company, need to prepare a solution on a possible threat to come in order to increase efficiency. Below are some suggestions from our groub that must be considered to handle this matter consider of chapter 4 and our summary :

  1. Make the existing regulation more firm and bold (applying a penalty for the officer who did not obey the regulation)
  2. A stricter controlling against the officer , directly done by the supervisor or trusted person
  3. A nicer working layout and background (avoiding the probability of losing a document)
  4. Stricter selection of human resources in order to find more quality oriented officer.

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