Activity In Acceptance Export Cargo


LEADER        :           Intan Hayati (2431.11.026)

Member          :

Abraham julius p  (2431.11.020)

Trounne vionadea (2431.11.027)

Dwika kurniawan  (2431.11.028)

Class              :           D3 GH 2011

Lecturer         :           Eko Probo D.Warpani


Many interesting things to be seen in the business of air cargo shipments, one of it is the delivery of goods to foreign countries/overseas (export goods). Before the goods inserted into the warehouse cargo, in this case cargo international export, certainly there should be selection or checking goods that should be done by the acceptance section.This is where the responsibility of the cargo company starts. Acceptance section staffs may only receive the goods after they received the complete documents. It’s also part of the selection because the goods can only be inserted into the warehouse after the documents of the goods are complete.

In the case of receipt goods, the acceptance section’s not only receiving the documents from the agent but also releasing the documents that will be used to process the cargo until the goods are delivered. Of course the process involves many ranging from the parties cargo services (ground handling company), agencies, board of customs and excise, airlines, and other related parties. The parties are working together in an effort to export the goods.

Here we’re interested un observing the goods that shipped overseas, in this case air cargo. From the description of the  1st and 2nd paragraph, we can conclude that air cargo is shipped goods using air freight that handled by the cargo company collaborates with other related agencies and use documents such as Surat Muatan Udara/ Air Cargo Letter (domestic cargo), and Airway Bill (international cargo). Air cargo divided into 2 types. Those are General Cargo and Special Cargo. In this case we will discuss specifically on things related to General Cargo.

Seeing the many things that will be discussed relating to the export cargo, we want to discuss on the things relating to the types of the air cargo and for more specifically we will discussed about the things that related to the general cargo. Due to we see a lot of companies that use air cargo services in the delivery goods, along with discussion of the problem solving of export cargo.

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