Compare Between Sokerano Hatta International Airport with Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Leader   : Yuyun Muhammad Rizki  (224110289)

Member : Bagja Adi Komara (224110062)

                Asnitya Haspuri Puteri (224110317)

               Putri Latifa Anindra (224110297)




Here we will  discuss  about the comparison betweenSokerano Hatta International Airport  with Kuala Lumpur International Airport from  infrastructure sector, media  and infrastructure in airportand the service. We will compare such both airport standarization of airport  in international competition

Be looked  from aviation  field ,infrastructure from Soekarno Hatta International  Airport still have to be repaired  beginning  from the loading  of passanger capacity in airport that have been more than the expectationof capacity, even Indonesia is  one of  some  countries  which  the  growth  of passanger and fleet   of  its airline is the most highest Asia Pacific if be compared  by  the development ofpassanger and  the  fleet of airline in Malaysia  is  slow relatively. But, Kuala Lumpur  International Airport have the traffic as suitable with capacity  of airport  because such  airport  is  perceptive to  face  the  growth air  transportation business  which  is  very  rapid amd it is  different  with  soekarno hatta international airport  which is less perceptive  about it.

The  service  of facility  in soekarno hatta airport  still have so many obstace  mainly  park problem  namely still so many  vehicle  snatched  each other between  employee  park and   the  party  who want to rent   park and  also park  of  passanger. Ideally the  problem like this  can be settled more  better  again . Beside  the problem about parking there are so many flight make a queu in  order to take off and landing this  matter become the  guidance  that  make  the  flight  become  late. Meanwhile  in Kuala Lumpur International airport , the facility  which they  give is  to design  the unique  private  rain  forest   situation so that can make the  passanger  feel like  in  pricate  forest that can make the passanger calm  in waiting  the flight or  when in  queu in the imigrassion desk . The  facility  and serviceof Kuala lumpur  International airport use  some language  such as Melayu  language, English, Japanese, Arabic  and  mandarin.


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