Compare Between Sokerano Hatta International Airport with Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Leader   : Yuyun Muhammad Rizki  (224110289)

Member : Bagja Adi Komara (224110062)

                Asnitya Haspuri Puteri (224110317)

               Putri Latifa Anindra (224110297)




The  scope  of market   which is high  or big be pointed out  by the  growth  of Indonesia  Middle Class Society. It is one  of some reasons why do  this  system  ( lcc)  make so many  people interests, of  course there are so many  airplane apply such system.

Lcc concept  firstly  be introduced in America before distribute  to europein the  beginning  of 1990,lccbe applied  in order to  minimize ticket expense  and flight  service by  low price  ticket to increase  the  marketing  air transportation  whereas the  society  who is  doing  the  business and other  necessity  in order  to compete  with  land and sea transportation

 As long  the development  today the  competition  between  the  airplane which  cheap  expense  is  more  tied. Be  queted  from director  of  general  of  air  transporportation  of the  ministry  of  transportation Herry Bhakti assess ‘the competition  between low cost carrier  is  more  tied but  its  market is  high  or big and  its  giowth is  high  other  reason why lcc  is  many more because  the  middle  class  society  wanr  ro  travel  by  low  cost carrier  is  possible


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