Compare Between Sokerano Hatta International Airport with Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Leader   : Yuyun Muhammad Rizki  (224110289)

Member : Bagja Adi Komara (224110062)

                Asnitya Haspuri Puteri (224110317)

               Putri Latifa Anindra (224110297)




From the result  of survey that we  have  been  done we  get the  conclusion  whereas the  average of Indonesia people have been ever  visit Soekarno Hatta International Airport  anda  part  of   society have been ever  visit  to Kuala Lumpur Aitport  so that they  can   compare between  two  airports .

A  big part  of  society of Indonesia suggest   whereas Soekarno Hatta international  aitport  have been fulfill enough  about  criteria  as the  standard  of  international airport but  it is  not  maximal yet  in  giving the service to the  public, ideally the  airport party   more increase  and  maximize  the  service  so that  public  fell  comfortable when they are  in  airport. In orther  side Kuala Lumpur  international airport  have been fulfill  the  criteria as standard ofinternational airport, beside that the  condition of  facility  which  is  in the  airport  still  feasible in order to be used . From the  comfortable  sector Kuala Lumpur International Airport  have been  able in giving  forest  situation  that can make  the passanger  fell comfort when  they  are waiting for .

According to us and  a big part of Indonesia  society  wjhe bareas any possibility  about Soekarno Hatta international  airport  absolutely  can be compared by Kuala Lumpur international  airport  as good as, by changing and more increase the exist  service  and to repair system  of  airport  which  is  still less maximal


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