Compare Between Sokerano Hatta International Airport with Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Leader   : Yuyun Muhammad Rizki  (224110289)

Member : Bagja Adi Komara (224110062)

                Asnitya Haspuri Puteri (224110317)

               Putri Latifa Anindra (224110297)





Base on  the survey‘s result  that have been  done about  the comparison between Soekarno Hatta International Airport  with Kuala Lumpur International Airport by giving the question as follows , 2  of them like :

1)   Have  Soekarno Hatta airport been fulfillthe criteria as international airport?
– 34,5 % respondens asnwer NO
– 11,7% respondens answer yes

Have  the  exist  media and  infrastructure in Kuala Lumpur International Airport  been classified as  fulfill  the  standard world class international  airport?
-23 % respondens asnwer YES
– 4% respondens asnwer NO

Herewith by this matter can be concluded  whereas the  people of Indonesia access whereas Soekarno Hatta International Airport   still do not fulfill the standard as  international airport  by the appraisal, still  less about service  and facility that be supplied in such airport . Be looked from  the comfortable  and security for the user of flight service for economic class. Meanwhile it have been describe before in the reference of theory whereas be looked from  too small about facility such as  air  conditioner for room which  less cool or toilet  for domestic terminal  is different (its  clealiness)  from  toilet  for international airport. Meanwhile  for the responden  who give  the   answer  whereas kuala lumpur international airport  still do not fulfill yet  the standard as world class international airport it is possible a part of them  never visit  such airport  or  a part of them  have been visit the airport  that   so  good than kuala lumpur international airport  (ex :Incheon International Airport or Hongkong International Airport) 


Suggestion that  can be given for the management  of airport  in order that  more paying the attention  about the co
mfortable  and security for the user of airport. For this matter the airport party  must increase  security system  more better, to increasethe quality of service to the passanger and paying attention  of every detail  of cleanliness for the comfortable  of every  user. From  the  factor of passanger system regulation  it is better to be increase  about schedule  in the  decided time,  for the park area  and apron it is better to be given  more  wider of space  for  the comfortable  of visitor  who  use the private car and also  the supporting  infrastructure of airport  for more tidier, to add the facility for the waiter  be  distributed  or  go back  in order that  comfortable and easy to find  the person who to be  picked.

Become one  of  some reason  in order  to take the comparison between two airports Soekarno Hatta and Kuala Lumpur because as we know, Kuala Lumpur international airport  give  the  media  and infrastructure so much  in order to  support  the comfortable  for the user such as mono rel that can be used  from terminal
 A to  terminal B be mean in order  that the user  can save the time more and more and practice . Also  the comfortable  for  every lounge without classified and its  cleanliness  make  every  user more  comfort  in spend the time in such  airport  we hope Kuala Lumpur international airport   can become one of  some  guidances  in order to be able to motivate Soekarno Hatta international airport   for more  develop about  infrastructure  and media that be needed  by the user  of airport service.

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