NAME: Bimantara M.A
NIM: 224110337
1. What causes the plane shukoi?
According to the passengers as the aircraft was the cause of “Joy Flight” in order to promote technological sophistication that many emerging Russian aircraft in both print and electronic media from a variety of sources, especially aviation experts from both within and outside the country.
2. When the plane Shukoi fall?
Shukoi Super Jet 100 aircraft which crashed on May 9, 2011 at the summit of Mount Salak Bogor West Java II was killing all passengers and crew are leaving a deep sorrow for many people, especially the families of the victims.
3. Why Shukoi plane could fall?
Because there has been a fighter pilot shukoi lost contact with the ATC (Air Traffic Control) due to signal interference that is not connected with the ATC.
4. How many victims of deaths occurring in the accident /
Almost all crew Shukoi Super Jet 100 dead

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