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Below is an analysis of Irregularities fall Sukhoi Superjet 100 Aircraft Accident delivered by Sukamto, Safety Manager PT Sky Aviation, a company interested in buying the Sukhoi Superjet before it.

Here is some irregularity Accident delivered by Sukamto quoted from kompas.com:

1. Sukhoi Superjet 100 airplane pilot had requested permission from Air Traffic Control (ATC) to lower the plane from 10,000 feet to 6,000 feet in the air above the Atang Sanjaya. Shortly after that, the plane lost communication and turns it crashing against the cliffs of Mount Salak, Bogor.

2. The reason for lowering the plane is unclear. If the reason is because there is a cloud on the future, it should be more secure if the plane had climbed to the top instead of down because it was’ the mountains so if there is danger of collision.

3. Sophisticated aircraft Sukhoi Superjet is also supposed to be able to pass through the turbulance arise if the pilot still drove through the clouds. During the navigation system is capable, the aircraft should be passing cloud. Why pilot decided was down to 4,000 feet when it was risky.

4. Why would the ATC gave the plane permission to descend to 6,000 feet. If the reason for the pilot asked ATC to fall when Atang Sanjaya on the foundation of which is a safe area, then there are other odd things that arise. Because the plane is actually leading to the slopes of Mount Salak, and there is the possibility of flying low in the area.

5. If ordinary commercial aircraft, the procedure fell by 10,000 to a 6600 turn left at Atang Sanjaya, then turn left again from 6000 to 2500 entered Halim. Precisely why the plane turned right, not left, even if the conditions joyflight no rules whatsoever.

6. Allegations of maneuvers carried out the pilot emerged. However, the rules of civil aviation aircraft joy flight, maneuver can not be carried to extremes.

7. Navigation systems and early warning aircraft owned as theater airborne warning system (TAWS) should also work to provide information to the pilot. TAWS is an early warning device in the plane of the barrier on the outside. If there are slopes or cliffs around the plane for miles before, TAWS will put out sound to alert the pilot. Should this tool works especially with the sophisticated Sukhoi aircraft, there must be a considerable distance so TAWS it will sound faster.

Well, what do you think about the fall of the Aircraft Accident Irregularities Shukoi Superjet 100? Now we have to wait for the results of the investigation to know the exact cause of the plane crash neighbors Sukhoi Superjet 100. I hope this incident does not happen again.


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