Soekarno-Hatta Need KRL (Finish)

name: Leader: Hutomo Edo PM (224110026)

Members:  Satya Pandu Wahidiat (224110202)

Muhammad Ropih (224110008)

Riezaldy Gees I. (224110208)

Class : S1 MTU A





Citizen’s capital Jakarta is basically already at a critical stage of the development of this city. This is evidenced by their skepticism towards the realization of the government to build what they want. Actually they are very optimistic about what the government planned to build the city into better. Especially in this case the construction of KRL to Soekarno-Hatta never completed despite many times to study its feasibility notaben considerable cost and construction should have been completed for this development refers to the masterplan from Soekarno-Hatta itself.



With the leadership of the new city of Jakarta is expected to policies issued to fix a finished and messy and create new policies that will not only benefit the government but also benefit people. For it may be that the new governor to coordinate with city transportation agencies Jakarta and PT. KAI along with other relevant agencies so intertwined harmony in carrying out the responsibilities and functions. Light rail construction is also expected to be accomplished by considering the mobility needs of residents jakarta very high.

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