The Cause of Delay In The Flight

(224110051) Yusnita Desmawari Putri
(224110212) Natasha Octora
Grade: S1 MTU A – 2010

Basis Theory
In our second article, we take the theoretical basis of the title of our paper is “The cause of the delay in the Flight” from several sources that we get from magazines and Law.
Here is the cause of the delay of a flight that we get from magazines “TRANSPORT Vol. No. 28. 1, June 2010 “are:
1. Ramp Handling
That delay in performing load cargo and postal packaging, hygiene inaccuracies aircraft handling time, charging or disposal of fuel is enough to occupy a lot of time, and delays in handling catering for passengers.
2. Terminal Handling
That delay in check-in process, handling the grouping passengers, and baggage handling.
3. Operational Handling
That is the problem with the flight documents.
4. Technical Problem
That is the damage to the aircraft or replacement of aircraft for some technical reasons.
5. External
That weather issues or problems with the immigration and customs.

Next, here are the other sources we have obtained from the Law Decree No. 1 of 2009 Chapter 1 Article 1 of the Flight Delay. Containing “Delay in Flight is the time difference between the time of departure or arrival time of departure or arrival realization.


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