The Cause of Delay In The Flight

(224110051) Yusnita Desmawari Putri
(224110212) Natasha Octora
Grade: S1 MTU A – 2010

The main products of the company or the airlines is to provide passenger and goods transportation services are fast, secure, and comfortable. The performance of  the airlines can be seen from the three main aspects of safety and security, timeliness, and service. Of these three aspects, in general airlines in Indonesia has not shown his best quality, most still in the unfavorable category. The low quality of aviation safety and security in Indonesia, marked by a high number of accidents.
So also with the things that should go together ie flight punctuality and service levels to be less attention. Specifically flight punctuality problems. The purpose of this research is to find out what are the factors that cause delays flights in Indonesia and the reasons for flight delays.
Flight punctuality is one of the main products of the airlines can be a benchmark of professionalism of the airlines, its users, the government and its rivals. Airlines is a business that is very sensitive to the image, when the airlines are experiencing delays departure, the negative image will be attached to the minds of its service users.
For example, the reason why many users choose the services of domestic flight services? because passengers usually only see in terms of affordable ticket prices, flight schedules that fit, and comfort in flight. Even in terms of timeliness was not a major reason. Therefore, the performance of the airline in terms of domestic flights punctuality still does not meet consumer expectations.


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