Rio Hafiz Al Caesar (224110079)

Indria Ulufi (224110199)

Feli Ervina (224110180)

Pilot is spear tip of a flight. Pilot or aviator captain has to carry the ball that big about safety and flight security. Therefore, as pilot is is not a thing that acts since be engaged soul hundreds passengers. It backed up by regulation that declares for as follows:
“Up to flying, air ship aviator captain that pertinent has authority to take action to secure safety, orderliness, and flight security ”. ( Section 55,UU No.1 is year 2009)
A while we will face globalization era. In that era, each man at various free state to look for that despite work in room passes by state. That thing also applies to air transportation business at Indonesian. Globalization era feels getting hover, marked by have disepakatinya agreement Open Sky among ASEAN’S state humanity. A variety air firm at Indonesian has also been try to adapt self by employs severally employee, board of directors, and indigenous pilot strange state.
This becomes a piquancy if we try menelisik hits kesiapan’s zoom Indonesia pilot to strange pilot assault that beginning turns in at Indonesian air transportation the world.  
“Each personel mandatory air ship have license or interest certificate ”. ( Section 58,sentence 1,UU No.1 is year 2009)
“Personel is bound up air ship direct with mandatory air ship operation performing have legitimate license and still prevailing ”. ( Section 58,sentence 2,UU No.1 is year 2009)
On regulation discussion upon, worded that each crew’s water  air ship mandatorying to have license or interest certificate comprises also pilot. Bromide already being known by previous society is each incoming strange pilot to Indonesian state for working have had international license.  
This can become a threat divides pilot of Indonesian. Besides has to get competition with local pilot humanity, now they shall also get competition with indigenous pilot other state.
In conclusion, indigenous pilot strange state gets amends at Indonesian. This becomes an alone on the qui vive for pilot what do come from Indonesian. Indonesian pilot shall ready to compete. To the fore it will ensure to mark sense a great emulation among intern pilot with local pilot in world job.  Open Sky  one that will happen not only enable intern pilot for entering works at Indonesia, but Indonesia pilot can also work outside Indonesia if have license and interest


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