Rio Hafiz Al Caesar (224110079)

Indria Ulufi (224110199)

Feli Ervina (224110180)


The development of aviation technology has been the key that makes a plane able to carry passengers to explore the world. Membership of a pilot becoming less major survey in aviation safety and security. In Indonesia, the pilot has a high selling power as to become a qualified pilot required large capital both physical and nal Berhad. But now, local pilots often compared to foreign pilots. Therefore, we analyzed the comparison between “local Pilot vs pilot Import” using a survey online and offline surveys. The majority of respondents are also more interested in using aircraft with a pilot Indonesia, and respondents also argue that the salary and facilities should be provided for the pilot Indonesian and foreign pilots are not different from each other. Thus, Pilot Indonesia actually still have greater opportunities to work in Indonesia Open Sky runs later. Our conclusions drawn from the results of the second survey there are some aspects that is being evaluated. In the case of a pilot quality according to the survey, pilot Indonesia valued balanced compared to foreign pilots. In the era of Open Sky (globalization) will face later, pilot Indonesia was believed to be able to compete with foreign pilots.


1. Support facilities and means of improving the Pilot.

2. Indonesia Pilot prioritize quality first.

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