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Rio Hafiz Al Caesar (224110079)

Indria Ulufi (224110199)

Feli Ervina (224110180)


ZU 10

We get the job is to analyze and discuss the results of a survey we made about which we express the theme of “Local Pilot vs. Pilot Import”. We chose the method of comparative analysis as a tool to discuss the research that we made.

The reason we chose this group because of the comparative method is a survey that we made was about a comparison between two different things.

This comparative analysis method we deem appropriate to present the data in the survey comparison between two different things.

Survey our group is the ratio between the pilots of Indonesia to foreign pilots who have to come abroad. We want to see the preferences of the people of Indonesia for two different things, and we want the response determines the arrival of foreign pilots will be held in conjunction with the Open Sky in the near future.

We conducted two types of surveys are surveys online and offline surveys. Then, we get the 117 respondents from 2 jens survey. 37 survey respondents offline and 80 online survey respondents. In the case of an online survey, we use surveyonics.com to make our survey and the use of social networking media such as facebook, twitter, and IM to spread our survey. Following the survey we have done:

Part 1: Identification
1) Sex?


2) Age?


3) Work?

Part 2: Knowledge of respondents
4) Do you ever use air transportation in the form of a plane?


5) How often do you use aircraft in a period of 1 year?


6) Do you know the functions and responsibilities of a pilot?


7) Do you know which airlines are using the original pilot Indonesia?


8) Do you know any airline that uses foreign pilots?


Chart 3: Perception
9) How do you respond to the performance of the pilot in Indonesia?


10) How do you think the quality of the pilot Indonesia compared to foreign pilots?


11) In your opinion, should the addition of foreign workers in the aviation Indonesia?


12) Do you think the Indonesian pilot was able to compete with foreign pilots?


13) If you had to choose, would you use a plane with a pilot Indonesia or aircraft with foreign pilots?


14) In your opinion, what is the reason foreign pilots to work in Indonesia?


15) Is the salary scale pilot salaries Indonesia degan foreign pilots need to be distinguished?


16) Do you think Indonesia under-resourced force pilot native Indonesia to require foreign pilots?


17) Do you think Indonesia has a pilot effort to meet the needs of Airlines in Indonesia?


18) Do you think Indonesia’s pilot is ready to open sky that will take place later?


19) Do you agree with the open sky to be held later?


From the results of the data diagram above, shows interest in the people of Indonesia to foreign pilots. Of 117 respondents, 94 respondents already know the functions and responsibilities of a pilot. Of 117 respondents, 51 respondents mentioned the performance of pilots in Indonesia has reached a good word. People of Indonesia have also discovered that employ pilots maskpai foreign and Indonesian pilots, as evidenced by the 78 respondents of 117 respondents knew airline pilots who use Indonesia and 69 respondents of 117 respondents knew that the airline uses foreign pilots. There were 59 respondents of 117 respondents who stated that Indonesia does not need additional power foreign pilots. Of 117 respondents also found 42 respondents who mentioned the quality of the pilot Indonesia balanced by foreign pilots, foreign pilots 38 respondents mentioned better than pilots Indonesia, 26 respondents mentioned pilot Indonesia better, and 10 respondents said they did not know. Remarks to the presence of the Indonesian Open Sky is a confidence in the pilot that the pilot Indonesia Indonesia is considered to compete with foreign pilots. Evident from the 117 respondents, 75 respondents mentioned pilot Indonesia ready to face the Open Sky that will last and of 117 respondents, 99 respondents agreed with the open sky.

Based on the data from our survey, entitled “Local Pilot vs. Pilot Import” with 117 respondents. We analyzed that the people of Indonesia have known phenomenon of the foreign pilots who began to enter into the world of aviation Indonesia and know the airline pilots who use foreign labor. Performance pilot Indonesia is considered balanced by foreign pilots. Public confidence in the ability of pilots Indonesia Indonesia is believed to be able to compete with foreign pilots and prepared to face the open sky.


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