Rio Hafiz Al Caesar (224110079)

Indria Ulufi (224110199)

Feli Ervina (224110180)

We make this task begin from foreword that motive comprising why we choose this theme “ vs’s Local Pilot Import Pilot ” as material as we will analyze. Then, we make theory base on theme that our determinative.
Survey is this our group are about “ vs’s Local Pilot Import Pilot ”. One how much society which know marks sense beginning intern Pilot entering at flight business at Indonesian and society comment hit service that gave by intern and also pilot pilot that indigenous Indonesian.
Method who we will utilize are descriptive analytic-method via survey to see society perception hit theme that our determinative. Our Survey consisting of survey online and survey offline (manual). We have 20 questions about “ vs’s local Pilots Import Pilot ”. Our Survey comprising about respondent id, perception respondenting to pilot of Indonesian and also intern pilot, society comment hits open sky , and kesiapan Indonesian in mengahadapinya.
In term survey online, we broadcast survey this pass through social network as facebook, twitter, and blog. Respondent target from survey it is minimal 30 respondents. Then, we also arrange survey offline. In survey offline this, we broadcast survey this manually. Our respondent is STMT’S lecturers that a great hand at bidangnnya, we accentuate lecturers already have once utilized air transportation ne as plane.
With this penilitian’s method, we expect research that we do get up to target already be established previous.  

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